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WV Reads

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WVReads is a digital library consortium bringing eBooks, eAudioBooks & eMagazines through the Internet or Libby app. The member libraries represent many different counties throughtout the state of West Virginia.

Students enrolled in grades K-12 in Upshur County Public Schools may additionally use the SORA app from the Apple eStore on your school provided iPad. You must use your school email address, not your library card, to log in this way.

WVReads Frequently Asked Questions

1. WVReads vs. Libby vs. Overdrive

WV READS is a digital library consortium with member libraries representing many different counties throughout the state of West Virginia. The collection has many different eBook, audio book, and streaming video titles to choose from.

OverDrive is a digital management company that hosts and distributes the library’s electronic database of eBooks, audio books, and streaming videos.

Libby is a free app from OverDrive, available for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Libby makes it easy to borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from your phone or tablet.

2. Why do I use Upshur County instead of Charles W. Gibson as my library when borrowing eBooks?

Due to the size of the consortium, member libraries are grouped by their regional service center. Ours is the Upshur County Public Library.

3. Why is my library card not working?

Please check to make sure that you are entering your barcode number exactly as it is printed on the back of your library card number with no spaces. If you are entering your barcode number correctly and you are still unable to logon, please call the Charles W. Gibson Public Library at 304-472-2339 or email us at info@charlesgibson.wvlibrary.info.

4. Why do I need an Adobe ID?

Many eBooks contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that protects the book from being shared with others, which is set by the publishers of the eBook, not the library. Your Adobe ID is used to authorize the book to your email address so that it is not locked on a single computer, but can be shared across your devices that are authorized with the same ID.

5. Can I renew an eBook?

Yes! Three days before your eBook is set to expire, a renew option will appear on your bookshelf in your WV READS account screen. However, if another patron has placed a hold on the book, you will not be given an option to renew.

6. Can I return an eBook before it is due?

Yes! The process varies depending on the type of device and format of the eBook. For more instructions, please check out the Libby Help the tutorials on this page.

7. Why does the library not have the eBook I am looking for?

Our annual budget has a portion set aside to purchase electronic materials to add to the WVReads collection. However, not all publishers (particularly those available on Amazon/Audible) have made their eBook publications available to libraries.

We are only purchasing a license to use the electronic materials, we do not own the content forever in most cases.  It is possible that we need to purchase a new license for that material. See the next question for more information.

If you would like to see something we do not have in our Overdrive collection, ask at the circulation desk for it to be ordered.

8. All the eBooks I want to borrow have already been borrowed? Why is this when digital eBooks are unlimited?

We purchase eBooks just as we purchase print books: one copy at a time. Most eBook publishers prefer to sell their books this way, rather than allowing an indefinite number of downloads. Some eBook publishers also limit the number of checkouts or the amount of time the title is available for library patrons to enjoy before forcing libraries to purchase a new copy.  Recent releases have the highest demand within the collection, but there are many other books to read. Try refining your search to show only those books that are available now and don’t hesitate to place a hold on the book you would like to read.